Furniture configurator AR concept

In this video you can see how we can depict a catalogue product in real setting using a smart phone or tablet and augmented reality.
This depiction can occur on a 1:1 scale thanks to which the client can see how a particular product will look in a particular space, for instance in his/her home or office. The client can also choose how the product should look like, what wood colour, which upholstery; virtually everything there is to choose in a product.
If you thus get a client’s interest there are many ways to successfully complete the sale. The client can either order the given product directly from this app or s/he can be redirected to the e-shop where the product will automatically be placed in his/her shopping cart.
In this way you will certainly intrigue both your current and new customers, you will offer them something new; a new exceptional experience thanks to which the client will view the whole catalogue and will easier choose from the whole assortment. This app can work with equal success for sellers in stone shops to show their customers all possible variations of the products they sell.